Make the unimaginable achievable.

Creating E.P.I.C. coaches and EPIC executive coaching experiences for top worldwide businesses and individual leaders.

At the Executive Performance Institute for Coaching (E.P.I.C.) ™, we define new standards of excellence through our exemplary executive coach training programs and executive coaching services.

We are committed to redefining what it means to be an elite executive coach within the industry.

Our team has worked with clients such as The Allbright, DreamWorks Universal Studios, Northwestern Financial Network, NASA, Circle K, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Rockwell Collins, McDonalds, and more.

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Executive Coaching Training Programs

Reveal Program


See what we’re capable of — together.

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1.0 Training Program

1.0 Training

Coach, and be coached.

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2.0 Training Program

2.0 Training

Welcome to the Big 10 of corporate coaching.

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Continued Education


Leaders never stop learning.

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Executive Coaching Services

Group Coaching


Break down walls. Build up strengths.

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Workshops and webinars

Workshops &

Bringing formal training to your team(s).

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Allow objectivity to inspire new insights.

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Keynote Speaking

Key Note

Inspiration tailored to you.

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Executive Coaching In The News


Executive coaches are typically engaged in a variety of scenarios when working with high-level professional leaders, seeking to enhance the leader's performance, executive functioning, leadership skills, and more. But what exactly does an executive coach do?

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Jenna Dillon Named a 2023 Top 15 Executive Coach in Los Angeles

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An Executive Coach is a professional who provides individualized, one-on-one coaching services to business leaders, executives, and other high-level professionals.

We consider it an honor to share a client's experience of how they have accomplished remarkable growth, especially when we can convey the intrinsic work they've done that is required for the external results and development to occur. These intrinsic skills can be developed via how one relates and regulates their thoughts and emotions, how they enhance their discernment and strategic thinking, how they relate to success and failure, how they create specific social and cultural norms around success and failure, and then some.

We're thrilled when a client shares their own insights and success with us, especially when it entails the type of leadership development work that is NOT always talked about. Watch our short 3-minute video & read the client's letter for your own insight.