This six-month intensive program will take students (i.e. trainees) though a myriad of critical areas. Through phenomenology, transformational coaching & ontological coaching styles, the program will train on the following coaching principles:

  • A coach's role

  • The art of inquiry

  • Mastery in listening & observing

  • Communication dynamics

  • Leadership development

  • Strategy development

Trainees will receive explicit business development training that will allow them to build their coaching practice while in the program. Trainees will dive into the coaching work as a coaching client as well where they will receive one-on-one coaching from a rotation of industry-leading executive coaches, as well as will be a part of a group coaching cohort with their fellow trainees. There will be a multitude of robust virtual training sessions throughout the program by various trainers including business consultants and change management consultants. By the end of the program, the trainees will be competent in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and have the business development skills to build their own coaching practice in those areas. By the end of the program, the trainees will be able to integrate our E.P.I.C. Core Coaching Principles to effectively serve coaching clients in the following settings:

  • One-on-one coaching
    An executive coach will be able to work with their clients, on a one-on-one basis virtually. Each session is tailored to fit the client's needs, per their current situation, their challenges, and their goals. A coach allows their clients to overcome any mental and emotional roadblocks, as well as increase their bandwidth, skills in strategy work, and their reliability/accountability to themselves.
  • Group coaching
    In E.P.I.C.'s group coaching, an executive coach masters the ability to speed coach their clients. With a small team of three to five individuals, each client receives anywhere from ten to twenty minutes each, while the other members observe and understand what their colleagues are up to. This instigates team cohesion, delegating, efficiency, comradery and then some.
  • Business development of coaching
    Unlike most (executive) coaching programs, E.P.I.C. offers trainings and tools on how to develop a business and/or generate business via coaching. This includes, but is not limited to, best practices in internal development in designing a practice, organizational business management tools, and networking. The trainees are, thus, encouraged to generate results specifically in building their own coaching practice(s) to develop their knowledge and experience in the business development of coaching.

Our application program for the 1.0 Training program is via Reveal. Learn more about Reveal and how to register for the application program.