Testimonials From Training Programs

“E.P.I.C. 1.0 was a rigorous training program that set me on the path to becoming a successful executive coach. Get ready to have your molecules rearranged, and your pattern of thinking disrupted. E.P.I.C. has high standards and, on the journey to achieving those standards, I experienced unprecedented growth. This growth and discomfort helped me both personally and professionally. I got to experience what my clients experience while growing rapidly. My own community has been surprised by my way of being and who I am for them now. What continues to impact me from E.P.I.C.’s training is my newly minted, never-ending pursuit of integrity and feedback. Prior to E.P.I.C., I was petrified of both feedback and restoring-breaking integrity. Now, I see both as beautiful, informative measures that assist me in closing my gaps. Prior to E.P.I.C., I had no coaching practice and I was afraid of recruiting new clients. I now have clients who pay my full rate. I am no longer afraid of sharing my practice with others. My clients are all committed and on the path to achieving their vision.”

— Jennifer Melyan, Executive Coach (ECEC)

“Joining the E.P.I.C. program was such a rewarding experience for me, especially through the 2020 pandemic. Through this difficult time the accountability, community and self-exploration through receiving coaching from several seasoned coaches has taught me things about myself that I wish I would have known much sooner. I have been confronted with, and was given the tools to identify and combat limiting self-beliefs. I graduated from the program as a capable coach who is helping people overcome their challenges. Most valuable to me personally was the community the program gave me and deep relationships that I could form; that and the gentle but firm push to go dare to fail forward. Eventually I managed to recruit several clients throughout the program that signed 4-6 month contracts with me. Now I am an always curious, courageous and daring advocate for myself.”

— Jezabel May, Executive Coach (ECEC)

“As a coachee participant in E.P.I.C.’s 1.0 training program, I found this experience incredibly powerful and beneficial to my development as a transformational facilitator. E.P.I.C. has gone above and beyond to cultivate a space where learning is constant. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to coach and be coached as this created the most aliveness in my conversations and containers, leading to growth on multiple edges. E.P.I.C. supported me through a pivotal moment in my professional journey, and I am grateful to this amazing community of learners and leaders for the multiple breakthroughs I had this summer. Highly recommended — especially for those who enjoy playing all out.”

— Katharine Hargreaves, Culture Alchemist at ARKO

“My experience working with the E.P.I.C. community as a coachee was a profoundly thrilling and innovative experience. I have been working with a variety of coaches for some time now and have come to find that it provides a great platform for change. Working with a coach has allowed me a way to think outside the limits of my own experience and explore what I am capable of. The Program offered me a glimpse into the process of being a coach and challenged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone in a safe and loving environment. For anyone considering Coaching as a career or wanting to creep outside what you believe is possible, I would highly recommend this process, as it is the biggest bang for your hard earned buck. And who knows, exponential growth could be waiting around the corner for you! So, to the E.P.I.C. community I say, Thank you, for including me in your process.”

— Debbie Studley, Executive Coach

Testimonials From Individual & Organizational Services

“To lead others, you must first know how to lead yourself. Leading through change and uncertainty, and even crisis, can be unnerving. If it can be harnessed though, volatility also holds a potential key to transformation and innovation – if you can keep your head. Working with E.P.I.C. over the past few months has been one of the more rewarding experiences of my professional life. Jenna has stimulated new and creative ways of seeing possibilities for me, my team and my organization. Together, we have built on my strengths and dealt with my gaps to position me to make the biggest impact for my company’s growth and success.

Any organization seeking to build autonomous, creative thinking doers, would benefit from E.P.I.C.’s coaching. You should expect to be challenged to think and see differently about your organization and what you and your teams can do that will contribute to its success. E.P.I.C. will aim you at results while also helping you learn to lead yourself to create a path to organizational or cultural.” 

— Cambron Henderson, Director of Operations at Assisi Health

“We are in the midst of fundamental shifts and existential challenges to our programming model.  E.P.I.C. is leading our team to think differently about how we approach our target audiences to ensure that we continue this storied organization.  I appreciate E.P.I.C.’s thoughtful considerations of where our team is and its ability to adjust to their current understanding of how to make sales.”

— Leo Harrison, CEO at Boys Scouts of America

“E.P.I.C. truly stands out as one of the most rewarding learning experiences I’ve ever had! Their programming teaches you how to intuitively empower people and get the best out of them. The skills you gain will almost immediately create huge breakthroughs in both your personal and professional life.” 

— Medha Jaishankar, Senior Producer at JetSynthesys

“As I worked with E.P.I.C., I have been able to develop my leadership skills, communication skills, all while increasing my performance ability. The most value I feel is that I have found my voice to advocate for myself and set boundaries which is tremendously hard to do as a woman in the entertainment industry. I have been at the forefront in the leadership team with Happy Mushroom that grew over 200% since the start of pandemic in 2020, promoted and a 25% pay raise in a time when the economy was down.  E.P.I.C. has since worked with more leaders in my network, both professional colleagues in my company, and outside of my company, and have seen them grow significantly. I know I am where I am in huge part because of the work I did with E.P.I.C. It’s the best investment you will ever make.”

— Emilia Page, Head of Studio & Executive Producer at Happy Mushroom

“I have worked with Jenna for over 6 months now and since the start have seen incredible results in my career and the possibilities for the future! She challenges me to think differently and holds me to the highest standard. As through any growth process, I’ve had moments of clarity and those of frustration – and the greatest reward has been to push forward with Jenna as my biggest supporter.”

—  Josh Greenbaum, Founder of CFO Minded, Author of Numbers Scare Me

“Working with (EPIC) has completely transformed my business. Within four (4) months of working with my coach, I doubled my production and gained more space and time to focus on business development. I developed more streamlined processes and increased delegation to my support team. The company’s approach challenges me to analyze the gaps keeping me from reaching my goals, and inspires creative building blocks helping to bridge those gaps. I obtained a new mindset and vocabulary that equipped me to step out of my comfort zone with strategy and exciting anticipation. I highly recommend using EPIC if you are ready to take your business to the next level and commit to the process that taps into the talents and resources you already have. The methods are explorative, meditative and introspective – leaving you to reflect on questions you never thought to ask yourself in propelling your business to new heights.”

Tressa Pope, Sr. Loan Consultant, New American Funding

“If you are a business owner looking to get clear on long-term objectives Jenna is the business coach to do it. She’s taken me out of the day-to-day and helped me to commit to critical goals for growing my business. She’s professional, kind, bright and will strategically push you to get out of your comfort zone and shake up your thinking. Our business coaching sessions have been fantastic and I’m so grateful to have Jenna in my corner…”

— Heather Richman, Co-Founder/Creative Director, Ripe Media

“E.P.I.C. have highly skilled business coaches who help you to strategically set priorities and recognize what’s most important in order to grow your business. They did a wonderful job working with our entire staff and brought a stronger level of cohesiveness to our work environment. I highly recommend her to anyone with business and/or personal goals and look forward to continuing our sessions towards achieving a higher level of success.”

— Lauren Hammond, Creative Charity Auctions LLC