VIDEO: Getting A Hold Of The Frenzy State

Executive coaches play a crucial role in helping their clients achieve their desired outcomes and even surpass them, both on an individual level and organizational level. A significant emphasis is placed on monitoring and measuring tangible results. However, what often goes unnoticed in this process is the essential development of both intrinsic and extrinsic leadership skills required to achieve these outcomes.

Focusing solely on achieving tangible results through extrinsic leadership skills, and not intrinsic, is detrimental. In fact doing this hampers the client's ability to accomplish not only the results they want, but to sustain and continue to accomplish more. Developing the intrinsic leadership skills is the non-negotiable prerequisite for this.

We consider it an honor to share a client's experience of how they have accomplished remarkable intrinsic growth. This can be shown in how they relate and regulate their thoughts and emotions, how they associate to success and failure, and then some. They have done this all while simultaneously accomplishing extrinsic leadership skills and seeing the tangible results skyrocket. This part of the work is monumental and we approach it with reverence and care. May this glimpse into our work with high-performing individual executive leaders provide you with valuable insight and perspective.